Jun 14, 2013

The participants started to come to the orientation hall at around 4.30PM. By 5PM, there were almost 60+ participants. The enthusiam of the participants were amazing - apart from the technologists, there were almost 20 people from different CSOs as well, who shared their background in a minute so that the relevant team can grab them for the hackathon project on sunday. The teams also shared their ideas and asked for different skillsets to join their team. There were amazingly 19 ideas in today's orientation, with almost 90+ hackathon participants.

Jun 13, 2013

The orientation on Violence Against Women Hackathon was held on June 10, 2013 [Monday] at Young Innovations’ office. 120 techies were selected and invited for the Hackathon. Three shifts, of half hour each, were allocated for those techies. But, not all the invited techies were presen. Only 90 among them were present. The orientation started 20 minutes late than the scheduled time, 4:00 pm.