VawHack Orientation concluded with amazing 19 ideas

The participants started to come to the orientation hall at around 4.30PM. By 5PM, there were almost 60+ participants. The enthusiam of the participants were amazing - apart from the technologists, there were almost 20 people from different CSOs as well, who shared their background in a minute so that the relevant team can grab them for the hackathon project on sunday. The teams also shared their ideas and asked for different skillsets to join their team. There were amazingly 19 ideas in today's orientation, with almost 90+ hackathon participants. The whole purpose of today's orientation is to connect technologists with the CSOs/gender experts. It was a bit of chaos right after the programme where everyone started to move around trying to find relevant CSOs/gender experts for their team. Some CSOs were almost panting trying to answer all sorts of questions regarding the data and VAW issues.

Bibhusan Bista from YoungInnovations started the orientation by welcoming everyone. Luiza Nora shared the objectives behind the VAW Hackathon. The CSOs from different organizations gave numbers and examples to stress the importance of VAW issues, those speakging on behalf of CSOs were Namrata Sharma from WOREC, Nirmal Gupta from Dalit Mahila Ekta Kendra and Pranita Koyu, an activist. Erisha Suwal from Worldbank went through couple of problem statements and sited few examples on what different solutions could be developed. Maria Correia from Worldbank also gave her thoughts on the importance and necessity of VAW issues. Finally Anjesh Tuladhar from YoungInnovations walked through the process of hackathon day, before the ideas where pitched.

Some of the ideas roughly captured during the pitching session are

  • tracking donations funds coming to nepal in vaw
  • extract news from newspaper and map data in nepal map, with date, locate ngos
  • SMS based application for data collection on vaw
  • platform for ingos/local people to communicate among themselves, lessson learnt, discussion forum
  • rescue mission - standby team to help the women in trouble, victim use android to call for help
  • intelligent system to make use of socio economic data and relate to violence, send sms to related people
  • after violence, once victim puts data, those should be accessible, systemt o give info on the processes
  • vaw alert system - send sms to legal authority, map the data and show degree of violence, include info of legal provisions in the same system
  • web application to map areas of high violence, list contact person/org to contact when in emergency - stay safe
  • your voice our support - to target people who don't report (prob statement 8)
  • solution to problem statement 7
  • kawaj (armour) - andriod app (anti vow) - track struggle during violence and send alert, with maps, responds QRT team, others can report, apears in map
  • mobile sms app - map community support centres, complaint register system to target inefficient gov 
  • ushahidi platform - need data on org working on vaw
  • system to give awareness on vaw, analysis of data on vaw, support volunteering, give conselling system
  • mobile sms app for complaint register
  • - plugin for map for problem statement 14 
  • show +ve stories for inspiration - call number and record
  • platform to search sex offenders, help people avoid being victim