Products of VAW Hackathon

As part of the judging process, the jury members visited each group at a time to hear more about their product and score them as per the judging criteria. The teams focused on introducing their product and providing brief information about it. The four minutes presentation from each of the team followed right after, where they demonstrated their application that came out of a daylong hacking. They also had opportunity to give additional information on their product in two minutes QnA session as a part of their pitch.

There were some incredibly purposeful applications as an outcome of today's hackathon that were much appreciated by the jury members. The interaction between the developers, civil society organizations and experts contributed to the astounding outcomes. The presentation session ended with the 18th team showcasing their product in their presentation.

While the scores were being complied, remarks were given by partners and supporters of this event. Ms. Minakshi Seth, Head of Communications at International Finance Corporation, South Asia said, 'The hackathon today has been a model for case studies to know how successful hackathons can be because it has taken place even on the day that was against all odds. Despite the bandh and rain, people were here since early in the morning and they have walked miles to reach here. It has been a success and thus, this calls for a celebration! This is important for people of Nepal because they are the ones who need to raise the voice in difficult issues like this. Applications that were demonstrated here today could be the major tool to raise voice against women violence.' She thanked all the participnats for dedicating the day to fight for violence against women.

Er. Binod Dhakal, President of Computer Association of Nepal started by thanking The World Bank, Young Innovations, Nepal Telecom and International Finance Corporation. He said, 'This kind of event can be effective in minimizing women violence in the country. This is not only a mere competition but the applications that have come out of hackathon can be treated as a business model to take women violence issues to newer heights.' He requested Nepal Telecom and Nepal Police to look into the possibility of using these applications to some extent that will encourage young minds to come up with other brilliant technological solutions.