Orientation on Violence Against Women Hackathon to Techies

The orientation on Violence Against Women Hackathon was held on June 10, 2013 [Monday] at Young Innovations’ office. 120 techies were selected and invited for the Hackathon. Three shifts, of half hour each, were allocated for those techies. But, not all the invited techies were presen. Only 90 among them were present. The orientation started 20 minutes late than the scheduled time, 4:00 pm.

Even though the techies present there knew what the Violence Against Women Hackathon (VAWHack) was, the orientation started with the same question ‘What is VAWHack?’ The session was conducted by Mr. Anjesh Tuladhar, COO, Young Innovations. He described the objectives of the hackathon being held with notes like to bring together and promote the collaboration of key stakeholders in Nepal around the issue of domestic violence and to raise awareness of domestic violence and its impact on society among a broader sector of the population. But he particularly focused on what is ‘Hackathon’.

There were couple of participants who raised their hands notifying they didn’t know what hackathon is. Mr. Tuladhar then described what was Hackathon. A hackathon is a simple word combining two words hack and marathon, meaning, a marathon of ethical hacking sitting under a same roof for a limited period of time to come up with some productive output.

He then shifted the briefing towards the problem statements that were shortlisted by the gender experts. These problem statements were shown and described to the participants with some examples.

He then talked about another issue, regarding the source codes. The source codes should be in open source format and should be posted on github.

There were some questions like, what should be a team’s size?; can we bring our own team?; what after Hackathon?;  etc. and the answer given by Mr. Tuladhar to the addressed questions were like, a team may consist of any size, it may be 1 or 10 as necessary, but the end product should reflect on the work done by each member; Only if all the team members of your team have registered, you can come as a team; depending upon your end product the organizer of the event may take it to the next level.

At last, all the participants seemed clear about the Hackathon and are looking forward to join the second orientation that is going to be held on June 14, 2013.