Hackathon happening during the bandh with overwhelming participation

More than 70 participants are working on 17 projects despite rain and nation shutdown in the first ever hackathon during Nepal Bandh. There was overwhelming response from all the participants with few working remotely and helping the team here. Interestingly few participants have arrived before the organizers before 7 in the morning. 

There are projects like complaint registering system to get complaints via SMS, then there's platform to collect positive stories regarding VAW to share with the world. One team is developing andriod application called Khawaj (nepali word meaning armour) which sends automated alerts during struggling by the victims. Some team is working on the SMS based data collection for monitoring and then map in the nepal map. One team wants to see if aid coming to NGOs/INGOs in women sector is effective or not. There are couple of ideas which are similar but one can not control the ideas in hackathon. It will always be interesting to see how 2 teams working on the same idea come up with different products and outputs. 

There are more than 15 CSO participants, many of them walked to the hackathon venue at World Trade Tower, Thapathali. There's quite a demand of CSOs in different team as well during the pitching session in the morning. Interesting almost all the team have CSO as one of their team members.