Creating Synergies

According to the representative of the team Info Provider, it is necessary to supplement development issues like this with technology because it ensures fast dissemination of information that tends to solve problems in real time and also puts the work related to it on fast track.

'VAW Hackathon has been a common platform where we are able to work together with civil society organization members to learn about the practical problems and come out with the application that the target beneficiary will be able to use to their benefit', says the representative of the group-Kabach. The civil society organization representative of the same group was of the view that technological assistance compliments their work and would definitely help remove barriers to reach out to the victims of gender based violence against women.

Team Young says,' We feel contended to work on building an application/tool that will make a difference in lives of women and solve their problems related to gender-based violence'. He adds, 'Hackathon like this plays an instrumental role in raising awareness on issue related to violence against women, especially among the government bodies and convey the message that new and innovative approach is required to address and solve the problems and that they should proactively work towards this.

All of the teams were of the opinion that interaction between members of multi-stakeholder groups have made the hacking process result-oriented as developers are able to understand the actual problems of women victims from the inputs of civil society organizations and vice-versa, subsequently creating application appropriate to the needs of the beneficiaries.