VAW Repo and Social Campaigner

The idea is to create a repository to store reports of Violence Against Women. We use data from reports collected by several organizations and also extract data related to women violence from e-newspapers. This repository will be regularly updated to see all types of VAW related data. The data is then converted to open format so that they become easily available to all needed people and organizations. We also collect information about NGOs working for VAW in different parts of country and convert to open format. Then using these data we will map the most VAW prone zones and NGOs working on those areas. 
We will also create a sms and tweeting system which gives alert of violence in any area to the NGOs and other people subscribed to the system so that immediate rescues can be carried out.
Team Members: 
Subit Raj Pokharel (Team Leader)
Sudip Kafle 
Roshan Bhandari
Sudha Kafle