Surakshya Manch (Mahila Hinsa Biruddha Prawidhik Abhiyaan)

Surakshya Manch (Mahila Hinsa Biruddha Prawidhik Abhiyaan) is specialized to provide a module to post queries and problems that will be send as an alert to responsible organizations and police stations and also to visualize the data on to the map so that responsible authorities and organizations can take action to the affected/critical area.Map visualization with filter types like age wise, location wise, degree of violence would ease the work of higher/responsible authorities to identify the critical area which needs more focus.Victims can also view the nearby organizations and police stations on the map. Our solution will also have a information desk module which will provide victims with different legal provisions and awareness information. 

Team Members: 
Sonika Manandhar (Team Leader)
Pasang Tamang
Sita Prajapati
Sonika Manandhar
Tri Mandir Prajapati