The victim or eyewitness of the violence will sms about the violence on particular number and also NGO or other office working on VAW. The related organizations will take action based on the sms received.

When the victim suffer from sudden accident, she may hesitate to talk about her problem to every person. With this application any victim can post about their problems anonymously.

The application analyzes the aid information from the donors of NGOs working in women sector with respect to their programs, incidents of VAW and feedback from general public. Django, Python based framework, will be used for the development of webapp.

The system detects the relationship of socio-economic factors with VAW cases.

Hamro katha is a system to collect,share stories and experiences of the victims. Hamro katha also provides map features highlighting the places where violences are highly taking place.

"Mero Katha" is an online social media network collect, share, discuss and spread individual success stories from the field of VAW. It works in cooperation with CSOs to collect but also spread it amongst the 'Offline'-community.

An android application addressing following issues:
  • help in worst case by providing one click sms to your guardian that include your  your geo-location so that your guardian can location your position and help you immediately.

VAWNepal is a web app that map community support centres with provision to register complaints via SMS and web interface to target inefficient authorities. The victims or the observers may report incidents and ask for help.