Victim will Chat with Concerned People Online Anonymously to get Support.

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It is combination of android app and a web app. When a person is being victimized, the struggle is tracked which reports the alert to the web-server and the web-server displays it on the map. The QRT then saves the victim.
Technologies Used:
1. Android

A discussion forum for NGO's and a platform for victims to post.

The system will geocode INGO/donor projects in the "WOMEN, CHILDREN & SOCIAL WELFARE" sector using data from the Nepal AMP website. Will start geocoding locations of NGOs in Nepal in the Women's sector using the SWC website. Will publish this information in map form on a demo server.

A web portal that provides aware citizens with the information about all the convicted felons of VAW and the wanted criminals. The general public can also provide the real time information on the where about of the offenders. 

Surakshya Manch (Mahila Hinsa Biruddha Prawidhik Abhiyaan) is specialized to provide a module to post queries and problems that will be send as an alert to responsible organizations and police stations and also to visualize the data on to the map so that responsible authorities and organizations

There would be unanimous voting for prevalence of violence against women. We all would agree that it needs to be addressed. Many women have been courageous by speaking up.

We are developing a web app that have map features that displays safe places( police station, safe houses, women organisations) and danger zones( where crimes are frequent) and also hotlines and contacts for safety around them...and further more app will have forum and chatting with experts and
- reporting system for women violence
- information system
- reporting to the authorities
- status of reports in Nepal
The idea is to create a repository to store reports of Violence Against Women. We use data from reports collected by several organizations and also extract data related to women violence from e-newspapers. This repository will be regularly updated to see all types of VAW related data.