4. Help VAW victims

Many times, immediately after an incident of violence, the victim and the victim’s family may not know what to do, what services are available and what their rights are in terms of accessing justice. For example, victims are unaware of the 35-day limit to file an FIR. They may also not be aware that the government has mandated police stations to have a female police officer to handle cases of VAW. A web portal, SMS service or 24-hour helpline that provides information to victims on the legal procedures they have to follow and relevant government bodies, agencies and CSOs that can support them would help victims to file cases and get the necessary support. Additionally, a service that provides legal should be developed via SMS, voicemail or the web that will answer questions such as how long the case will go, what will be the consequences, who can help etc.

Support to victims – access to information, support and justice